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Neptune Bath Lifts makes bathing safer and easier

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Bath Lifts

Now you can return to a relaxing soak in the tub in maximum comfort, thanks to the Neptune Bath Lifts.

Remember when taking a refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvenating bath was something you looked forward to...not avoided? For millions, getting older and losing mobility has meant giving up the use of their bathtub. Some resort to sitting in a chair in the shower; others are forced to take "sponge baths" at the sink. Worse yet, some have to get caregivers and loved ones to lower them into the tub. Now, there’'s a better way. The Neptune Bath Lifts enabled thousands of people to rediscover the simple pleasure and therapeutic benefits of taking a bath without the danger of slipping and falling. They offer a practical bathing solution, allowing users to retain their independence by providing the ultimate in safety, quality, and reliability.

Recliner Bath Lift

Neptune Reclining Bath Lift for seniors

The reclining backrest allows you to relax in your bathtub at the angle that is the perfect lift for you.

Learn about the Reclining Bath Lift

Upright Bath Lift PLUS

Neptune Upright Bath Lift PLUS for seniors

Compact design ensures it sits as far back as possible in the tub, offering you the most legroom possible.

Learn about the Upright Bath Lift PLUS

Upright Bath Lift

Neptune Upright Bath Lift for seniors

It offers up to 8 extra inches of legroom when compared with other bath lifts.

Learn about the Upright Bath Lift

Toilet Lift

Toilet Lift to help the seniorsEverybody wants privacy in the bathroom, and now it’s possible, thanks to this unique toilet lift. This oh-so-helpful aid to independent living fits over existing toilet, gently lowering and raising a person into position and minimizing the necessity for manual handling from caregivers. For comfort, the angle of approach mimics natural body motion.

Learn more about the Toilet Lift


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