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Neptune Bath Lifts makes bathing safer and easier

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Neptune Upright Bathlift

Now you can take a bath safely again... and it’s more affordable than ever!

For years, European seniors had an advantage in enjoying a quality of life in their golden years that many in the U.S. did not have - until firstSTREET® introduced the first Neptune Bath Lift a couple years ago. Born out of the knowledge that most falls in the home happen in the bathroom, and that slipping and falling is the number one reason seniors can no longer take care of themselves and remain in their own homes, the Neptune Bath Lift became a firstSTREET® customer favorite, like it has been in Europe for decades. Yet, the price tag remained prohibitive for too many seniors in the U.S. That’s why Neptune’s engineers recently went back to the drawing board with an ambitious goal: maintain a high-quality, easy-to-use bath lift, but make it even BETTER, and at a MORE AFFORDABLE price that American seniors on fixed incomes can afford.

Mission Accomplished

The NEW Neptune Bath Lift is still so easy to use, yet it’s a technological marvel. The more compact footprint means even more room in the bath, and its lightweight design makes it even easier to use, yet as durable as ever. It’s a fully portable "chair" that sits in your tub with industrial-grade suction cups to hold it in place. You simply sit on the transfer flap - a piece that sticks out from the chair’s side - and swing your legs into the tub. Then you press a button on the fully waterproof remote, and the chair lowers to the bottom of the tub. When you’re done, you press another button, and the chair returns you to the top of the tub. The remote control contains a powerful rechargeable battery that operates up to 7 up/down cycles and lets you know with a light indicator when it needs recharging. It recharges through any household outlet, and the advanced "smart-chip" technology won’t lower you down without sufficient power to raise you back up.


  • The Neptune Upright Bath Lift offers a practical bathing solution, allowing users to retain their independence by providing the ultimate in safety, quality, and reliability
  • Compact design ensures it sits as far back as possible in the tub, offering maximum legroom (up to 8 extra inches) and avoiding common problems associated with anti-slip surfaces and bath handles
  • Its narrow footprint and large, flexible suction feet ensure that it also fits snugly into narrower tubs, while its maximum height of travel makes it suitable for a deeper tub
  • User weight capacity: 280 lbs.
  • 2 easily separable sections with no catches or buttons to negotiate can be quickly and easily removed from a tub with minimal effort or stooping
  • Compact, slimline design allows it to sit back in the tub, ensuring that even those with small tubs can fully immerse aching joints in a relaxing tub of warm water
  • Slimline, waterproof hand control with large rocker switches operates on a powerful, rechargeable "12V" nicad battery (charge time: approximately 2 hours)
  • Hand controller also has a battery level indicator with Stop Descent™ feature (system will not allow you to be lowered unless there is enough battery charge to raise you up again)
  • Attached Transfer Flaps (12 1/2"L x 7 1/2"W) for added stability getting on and off seat (flaps fold onto seat when not in use)
  • Biocote anti-microbial protection makes it easy to clean

Neptune Upright Bathlift
Item: 30770
Price: $799.00


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