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Neptune Bath Lifts makes bathing safer and easier

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Neptune Reclining Bathlift

This bath lift lowers you securely into the tub, allowing you to remain upright with its firm back support or recline gently and gradually into a comfortable, relaxing, position. It also provides more legroom than other reclining bath lifts, even for shorter tubs or with taller users.

Now you can return to a relaxing soak in the tub in maximum comfort, thanks to the fully self-controlled "recline" feature of the Neptune Reclining Bathlift. The tall, supportive backrest slowly reclines at the push of a button on your slim-line waterproof hand control, until you find the angle of relaxation that’s right for you.

It’s amazing that something so lightweight (it’s the lightest reclining bath lift we’ve found) is also so stable. You can tell it’s sturdy the first time you take a seat, and you’ll feel quite secure as it moves you in and out of your bath. And there’s added security in knowing that, thanks to the Stop-Descent™ feature, it won’t lower you into the tub unless there’s ample charge in the battery to raise you again. The lift is totally battery operated, so there’s no danger of shock, and all parts (except the battery charger) are waterproof. The large rocker switches on the hand control are easy to use by those with limited dexterity or visual impairment.

This lift is fully adaptable to individual bathing needs. It provides more legroom than other reclining bath lifts, even in shorter tubs or for taller users. It’s uniquely designed, with an open-base frame that won’t trap dirty water. It allows easy access to all parts for cleaning. The sucker-release handle eliminates any struggling to detach the suction feet from the bottom of your tub. The suction pads are also adjustable up and back to allow for a better fit in most tubs.


  • The lightest battery powered bath lift we have found with reclining backrest to experience a relaxing soak in the tub with maximum comfort
  • With a backrest that reclines at the touch of a button, the Neptune Reclining Bathlift is a welcomed addition to the Mountway bathing range
  • Hand control operates on a powerful, rechargeable 12V nicad battery
  • Increases comfort for users with stiff hips or spinal problems
  • Hand controller also has battery level indicator with Stop-Descent™ feature (system will not allow you to be lowered unless there is enough battery charge to raise you up again)
  • Streamlined, higher than average backrest design (approx 25 inches) increases shoulder, neck and or head support
  • 308 lbs. weight capacity
  • Good bathing space even when fully reclined, generous space for transfers on and off lift, low seat height provides good immersion
  • Compact design for space saving storage
  • Separates into 2 lightweight sections, simply folds forward to detach backrest
  • Easy to clean, easy access for cleaning bath surfaces, dirt and used water are not trapped
  • 4 large, pivoting suction feet for stable fit on curved bath surfaces to allow positioning far back in bath for increased legroom. Also has suction release handle for easy removal
  • Slimline waterproof hand control with large rocker switches
  • Waterproof hand control can be held in one hand is easily operated by users with limited dexterity or visual impairment
  • Will not lower user without enough battery power to rise, monitors when recharging is required (charge time: approximately 2 hrs.)
  • Attached Transfer Flaps (6.75 inches in width and 17 inches in length) for added stability getting on and off seat (flaps fold onto seat when not in use)

Neptune Reclining Bathlift
Item: 30722
Price: $999.00 / WAS: $1,049.00


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